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TIFA 100E Fogging Machine

TIFA 100E Fogging Machine

Your preferred choice for the most effective vector control program to treat up to 2500 acres per day.


Product Description

A Machine Beyond Compare!

  • Unit is operated by 13 HP gasoline, 4 cycle, single cylinder air cooled internal combustion engine.
  • Unit is equipped with finely machined heavy duty turbine blower to produce air up to 200 km/hr to fully protect the active ingredient of pesticide from any degradation or burning up.
  • The fog head, made of cast iron, attached to the machine has mobility of 360 degrees horizontally and vertically and all the internal parts of the fog head are stainless steel.
  • A remote control device is available to run the machine from the inside of a vehicles cab.
  • 12 volt dry car battery is equipped with the machine for independent operation.
  • Five major spraying techniques are effectively produced. See back page.
  • Machine is equipped with a particle size selector valve which controls both the droplet size and flow rate (1-55 gal/hr) (3.78 – 200 lit/hr).
  • Machine is equipped with a fuel pump, insecticide pump, two pressure gauges, pyrometer and tachometer a heavy duty metal fuel gauge and hour meter as well as ammeter which are located on the panel board.
  • An insulated fog hose, clamp and bracket are available and can be connected to the machine for sewer treatments and indoor application.
  • A formulation suction and return manifold line can be inserted into a variety of chemical tanks ranging in capabilities from 5 gallons to 500 gallons (20 liters to 2,000) or more.
  • Fuel tank capacity is 16 gallons (60 liters).
  • Dimensions of the unit are length 35” (87.5cm) x width 33” (82.5cm) x height 39” (97.5cm). Net weight of unit empty 575.5 pounds (261kg).