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Total 7 Pump Up Multi-function Sprayer – 5 Liter

The professional multi function sprayer has high quality viton seals and can be used for agricultural, industrial and domestic applications. Download

IK 12 Vector Control Sprayer – 12 Liter

The new model has unique features for Public Health applications, specially global and national Vector Control programs, like Malaria, Chagas, etc (I.R.S. Indoor Residual Spraying). Download

Jacto Hand Sprayer HD400 – 16 Liter

A 16 Liter manual knapsack sprayer. It comes with internal, high-efficiency piston pump that operates with minimum effort. Download

Hudsond X-Pert model WD – 11.3 Liter

Years of proven durability, uniformity and performance in disease vector control. Download