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Mosquito Control

Mosquito Control

Aqua Resigen EW

Aqua Resigen uses the FFAST technology developed by Bayer to enhance the performance of space sprays when diluted with water. Unlike when conventional space spray formulations are diluted with water, the fine droplets of the Aqua Resigen solution do not quickly evaporate, thereby increasing the chances of the droplets contacting with the adult mosquitoes or flies. As it is diluted in water, Aqua Resigen does not have a visible fog, smell, or leave staining residues. Yet it’s effectiveness is just as good as conventional space spray formulations due to the FFAST technology. Thus Aqua Resigen represents a true environmentally-sensitive option for mosquito and fly control.

Resigen EC

Resigen EC is a versatile space spray that can be diluted with oil or water, although we recommend using Aqua Resigen when diluting with water. It can be applied using thermal fogging, misting, or ULV equipment. It contains a synergised synthetic pyrethroid to provide quick knockdown and effective kill of both mosquitoes and flies. The active ingredient has a minimal hazard profile so it is well suited for use in urban environments. Resigen can be used to rapidly bring down the population of adult mosquitoes, which is particularly important when there is a disease outbreak.


Deltacide, a formulation comprising of three chemicals viz., deltamethrin 0.5 per cent w/v, S-bio-allethrin 0.71 per cent w/v and piperonyl butoxide 8.9 per cent w/v is suitable for ULV application. As this combination is found to be effective in preventing resistance development tackling the population, which had already developed resistance and cause immediate mortality, its synergistic effect was tested in Peet Grady chamber, against three species of mosquitoes, viz., Aedes aegypti, Anopheles stephensi and Culex quinquefasciatus.

Pesguard FG161

Indoor thermal fogging application of Pesguard FG 161, a mixture of d-tetramethrin and cyphenothrin, using portable sprayer against vector mosquitoes in the tropical environment.

Malathion TG96

Malathion 96TG ialah racun serangga ‘organophosphate’ yang berkesan untuk mengawal nyamuk secara Thermal Fogging dan ULV.

Sumithion L40

Oil Based Organophosphate is a 1-Shot application to kill both adult & larvae of mosquitoes with additional 1% tetramethrin for knockdown effect. It effectively breaking the transmission cycle of infected mosquitoes with acceptable persistency up to 1 month after ULV application for larvae control.